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Document Storage Document Storage (Hard Copy)
Store your records offsite at our secure facility. CRC provides quick access to your records 24/7 and will deliver them upon request.
Magnetic Media Storage Magnetic Media Storage
(Environmentally Controlled)

Our temperature controlled vault allows for the offsite storage of computer back up tapes, CD Rom, Microfilm and other types of media. CRC can accomodate any type of rotation schedule to meet your requirements.
On and Offsite Shredding On and Offsite Shredding
CRC will pick up the material, transport it safely, and shred it at our secure facility. Confidential locking containers can be installed to provide a safe collection place for sensitive material which needs to be shredded.

Our state of the art mobile shred truck performs secure document destruction at your place of business quickly and securely.

Hard Drive Destruction Hard Drive Destruction
The Guardian automatically destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type in only 15 seconds. The Guardian Physical Hard Drive Destroyer inflicts irreparable damage to any hard drive, rendering stored files totally unobtainable. A steady crushing motion focuses 12,000 lbs of force that literally destroys the internal hard disk. Simply push a button to ensure complete physical destruction. Guarding you, your organization and your data against misappropriation and theft.